Legh’s Soups

Social Media

vegetable soup

01 – Facebook

From just another brand on the shelf to… wow! I need to try this soup.

As a startup, we began Legh’s Soups’ social media presence with a Facebook page, with an evolving content mix.

Jars of Legh's soups

02 – Photography

to create a mouth-watering website, and facebook and instagram pages we needed striking pictures, so we went ahead and took them ourselves.

Infusing every post with the brand’s personality is what we do. We tried to have the homemade and traditional qualities of the soup come through in this picture.

03 – Instagram

an instagram page in its beginning to gain exposure to slightly different demographics.

Life is tough and people work hard. We positioned Legh’s Soups as the homemade soup you can prepare right out of the jar for a taste of authentic and heartwarming European cuisine.

Legn's European Classics
healthy soups

04 – Results

starting from scratch, we are proud that we have had the opportunity to expand the brand’s personality and voice

From colours to mood, we have a thing going and continue to experiment to find that sweet spot of content mix that will continue to increase the fan base.

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