Project Description

Ancestor Story

01 - Overview

a novel idea with lots of personality and drama

Ancestor Story is gearing up to make historical fiction into a business by writing on-demand family anecdotes.

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Ancestor Story Mission

02 - Mission

this picture is ancestorstory mission statement. Ours? to create a website and content that reflected it.

To create a website ambience and look evocative of pioneers, first nations, first settlers, and prisoners; to write content emphasizing the unique attributes of the writer and explaining the steps involved in the process of creating a fictional work about family.

03 - Results

a website, facebook and instagram pages, and stationery with a balanced mix of nostalgia, untold memories, and hope.

Aside from First Nations' peoples, all the inhabitants of North America are the product of someone's journeying --willingly or not-- into this land. We wanted to bring that mixture of adventure, nostalgia, grief, and hope to the brand's stationery and online presence.

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04 - Services

wordpress website design, web copywriting, initial seo, photoshop editing, logo design, stationery design and copywriting, facebook and Instagram pages, and social media management.

For this startup, the challenge was everything. We started from cero and created everything from the logo up to the website, and continue to create and manage their social media presence.

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