Project Description

Peace of Mind Home Inspections

Peace of Mind Home Inspections

01 – Overview

creating a platform for a career change

Duncan Atkinson was launching his new venture, Peace of Mind Home Inspections, and we were happy to design his online presence.

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canadian home inspections

02 – Mission

to create a one-page site that inspires confidence and moves the reader to take action

Building a business around yourself requires every detail to talk about values and experience, so we set out to build a classy website and Facebook page that would answer some of the most frequent questions people may have.

03 – Results

a website and facebook page showcasing the inspector’s dedication

We created a cost-effective one-page website that conveys Duncan’s experience and professionalism. The quality of the photography enhances the answers the public finds about the process of the inspection. We strategically placed calls to action (CTAs) buttons throughout the site.

home inspections
Peace Of Mind Home Inspections

04 – Services

wordpress website design, web copywriting, initial seo, and facebook business page creation

With Duncan’s favourite colour in mind, we chose the classy combination of yellow and charcoal for the body of the website. The content has a personal tone, so that people feel that Duncan is talking to them. In this way, we jump-start his conversation with the reader.

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