Project Description

Legh’s Soups

Legh's Soups

01 - Overview

From just another brand on the shelf to... wow! I need to try this soup.

Legh's Soups were breaking into the overcrowded soup market with a line of gluten-free, GMO-free, and mostly lactose-free Polish Soups that taste like grandma made them.

Vegetable Soup
Jars of Legh's soups

02 - Mission

to create a mouth-watering website and facebook page that could steal the customer's attention away from the big brands

To create a brand story line emphasizing the natural nutritional advantages of the products and create compositions that would transport people to a warm and cozy European kitchen in the countryside.

03 - Results

a website and facebook page with a balanced mix of old European flavour and classy downtown lifestyle

Life is tough and people work hard. We positioned Legh's Soups as the homemade soup that you can prepare right out of the jar for a taste of authentic and heartwarming European cuisine.

Legh's Soups lid mosaic
delicious soups

04 - Services

wordpress website design, web copywriting, initial seo, product photography, photoshop editing, and facebook business page creation

Increasingly, customers are drawn to brands that offer more than just a product. They want brands that stand for something. We stood on the foundation of Legh's Soups' environmental values and concentrated on the needs and wants of an audience comprised of health-aware and busy people.

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